Sooma’s patented stimulation electrodes

Putting patient safety and patient comfort in focus

”Sooma Comfort” is what we call our family of stimulation accessories. These accessories are used to bring the direct current stimulation from our neuromodulation device (Sooma tDCS) to the targeted areas of the brain. They ensure replicability and unparalleled patient comfort, and consists of our ComfoCap: a headcap; ComfoTrodes: stimulation electrodes; and ComfoPads: stimulation pads.

In this post, we would like to shine light on our revolutionary stimulation electrodes (our ComfoTrodes, coupled with our ComfoPads). These use a new electrode technology which vastly improves patient comfort, while delivering the direct current to the patient’s brain with excellent precision. Read on to learn more!


Sooma’s stimulation electrodes – recently awarded a patent!

Our stimulation electrodes consist of an electrode cup and a frame (ComfoTrodes), and the single-use stimulation pad that is placed into each electrode cup (ComfoPads). Each Comfopad is soaked in 15 ml saline solution when placed into the ComfoTrode, causing it to expand and form a soft and uniform stimulation surface. 



Last year (2019), we announced in a press release that Sooma had been awarded a U.S. patent for our stimulation electrodes.

The advanced electrode technology behind Sooma’s stimulation electrodes, developed by Sooma’s R&D team, is essential for a safe and effective delivery of the direct current applied to the patient’s brain. It ensures both replicability and superior patient comfort: the patented technology dramatically reduces the resistance in the skin-electrode interface when compared to competing solutions, and as such immensely increases patient comfort due to fewer, if any, uncomfortable stimulation sensations. The technology also ensures superior accuracy in the delivery of the stimulation dose: the size of the electrodes has been carefully chosen to make the stimulation area precise, and the ComfoPads’ material has hydrophilic properties which ensure consistent contact throughout each treatment session. The ComfoPads ensure that consistent contact is maintained through the patient’s hair. Finally, Sooma’s stimulation electrodes also enable faster patient preparation.


To sum it up, Sooma’s stimulation electrodes ensure:

  • Safe and effective delivery of tDCS
  • Replicability
  • Superior patient comfort
  • Superior stimulation dose accuracy
  • Stimulation area precision
  • Consistent contact, also through hair
  • Faster patient preparation

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