Sooma launches system for remote clinician-monitored brain stimulation

Sooma’s newest system makes neurostimulation for depression accessible, cost-effective, and available for home use.

Sooma is proud to announce the launch of its new system for the remote treatment of depression, Sooma Duo. Comprised of a medical device, a treatment management platform, and a patient application, the system brings remote monitoring and patient guidance to neuromodulation, enabling drug-free depression treatments to patients who cannot access traditional in-clinic services and thus promoting equal treatment access to all patients.

Key highlights include: 

  • The system relieves symptoms of depression without serious side effects or drug interactions.
  • Its digital platform allows clinicians to monitor treatment adherence and individualize therapy regardless of the patient’s location.
  • Unlike other neuromodulation techniques for depression, Sooma Duo can be used in primary healthcare services or at home.

Depression is the most common mental health condition among the general population, affecting over 300 million people globally, according to the WHO*. Moreover, an estimated 50% of depression sufferers won’t receive adequate treatment. Sooma’s new breakthrough system is designed to expand access to depression treatment by providing clinicians a drug-free therapeutic option that patients can safely self-administer in their own homes. This allows neuromodulation treatments to be prescribed in a similar fashion to traditional antidepressants, making them more accessible and cost-effective.

“Depression is the leading cause of disability in modern society. Yet patients often don’t have timely access to effective treatment,” says Tuomas Neuvonen, Chief Executive Officer at Sooma. “Duo represents a significant advancement in making depression treatment more accessible by providing healthcare professionals with a versatile tool to combat this epidemic.”

Sooma Duo is based on transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), a recognized and effective depression treatment. Unlike other neuromodulation therapies for this condition, which require a healthcare professional to treat patients individually with an in-clinic device, Sooma Duo provides clinicians with the ability to manage many patients at once while remotely monitoring treatment benefits and compliance.

Sooma Duo is MDR-certified and now available to clinicians throughout Europe, with additional markets coming soon.





About Sooma

Founded in 2013, Sooma is a Finnish medical device company specializing in non-invasive brain stimulation devices for neurological and psychiatric disorders. Sooma works closely with leading medical experts to develop effective treatment solutions. Manufactured in Finland, Sooma’s devices adhere to strict ISO 13485 and MDSAP quality management standards. 


TDCS is the treatment method offered by Sooma for depression (Sooma Depression Therapy, indicated for Major Depressive Disorder) and chronic pain (Sooma Pain Therapy, indicated for Fibromyalgia and chronic neuropathic pain). By using Sooma devices, you ensure that you are performing a safe and effective patient treatment, should it be in the hospital or at patients’ homes, with legal, regulated, tested, and effective equipment that complies with the latest EU regulations and features all the recommended elements listed on this article.

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