Case: The use of Sooma tDCS at Turku University Hospital

Turku University Hospital (TYKS), located in Turku, Finland, is an international pioneer in neuromodulation treatment. It belongs to the Southwest Finland Hospital District (VSSHP), which in November 2019 entered into a procurement agreement with Sooma for direct current stimulation devices (tDCS). The devices are used in TYKS’ departments of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurophysiology to treat depression and chronic pain.

Additional information about the use of Sooma tDCS at Turku University Hospital has been compiled in a case paper, where you can read all about:

  • The basis of procurement
  • Documented benefits of procuring tDCS for use at TYKS
  • TYKS background with Sooma
  • Valuable insights about using tDCS at TYKS

Read it here: Case paper

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