tDCS reduces depression and state anxiety symptoms in older adults from the augmenting cognitive training in older adults study (ACT)

Hausman et al., 2024. Brain Stimulation

  • The largest sham-controlled randomized clinical trial for transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) completed to date.
  • A sample of 378 older adults recruited from the community completed a 12-week tDCS intervention with cognitive or education training.
  • Active tDCS yielded greater reductions in depression and state anxiety than sham.
  • These reductions were largest for those with mild depression and moderate/severe state anxiety.
  • tDCS effects on state anxiety remained at one year for those with moderate/severe state anxiety.
  • There were no significant tDCS effects on trait anxiety.
  • tDCS effectively reduces psychological symptoms in a community sample of older adults.

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