Self-Administered Domiciliary tDCS Treatment for Tinnitus: A Double-Blind Sham-Controlled Study

Hyvärinen et al, 2016. Plos One.

  • The first published placebo-controlled at-home tDCS. Sooma tDCS device was used.
  • Forty-three patients (N = 43) with chronic tinnitus were given either 20 minutes of anodal tDCS over the left temporal area (LTA), bifrontal tDCS stimulation (2 mA), or sham stimulation (0.3 mA) for 10 days.
  • Results showed an overall reduction in tinnitus symptoms, but no significant difference between tDCS and sham.
  • The tDCS treatment was well-tolerated and considered easy to apply by the patients.
  • Home-based tDCS was concluded safe as a treatment for tinnitus.


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