Non-invasive therapeutic brain stimulation for treatment of resistant focal epilepsy in a teenager

Muñoz-Ruiz et al, 2020. Clinical Neurophysiology Practice.

  • A case report of a 13-year old patient with symptomatic focal epilepsy due to a right parietal dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumour (DNET).
  • The patient also had persistent tinnitus and sensory symptoms after operating to remove part of the tumour.
  • The patient was given low-frequency rTMS. The treatment was successful and relieved the symptoms.
  • As maintenance therapy, the patient was successfully given cathodal tDCS to maintain treatment response (with Sooma tDCS device).
  • rTMS was considered safe and effective in treating these symptoms in adolescents, and tDCS was considered safe and effective to maintain treatment response after rTMS in adolescents.


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