Mission statement and values

We feel that everyone deserves high quality care. With our Sooma therapies, we want to provide an effective and safe way to treat disorders within psychiatry and neurology. We want to offer a safe, drug-free treatment option with minimal side effects, that minimises any discomfort that might otherwise come with treating certain disorders. We want to ensure that medical professionals have access to a treatment option for patients which relieves symptoms without any fear of addiction or dependency. Our mission is to make our therapies an available and accessible option for all who may benefit from them. This includes patients who are unable to visit a clinic, but would benefit from a home-based treatment that does not compromise safety.

Our history

Sooma Oy is a Finnish medical device company established in 2013. Since the start, we have been working closely with leading experts in psychiatry and clinical neurophysiology to develop effective treatment solutions for health conditions in these areas. In 2014, we launched Sooma Depression Therapy, a mild brain stimulation treatment solution for Major Depressive Disorder, along with Sooma tDCS, the high-end stimulation device that is used to conduct the treatment. Sooma tDCS medical devices are manufactured in Finland in accordance with the international ISO 13485 quality management system for medical devices. The treatment device developed by Sooma has received the following approvals from the world’s health authorities, among others:

  • 2014: Class IIA CE marking (Depression)
  • 2015: Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA) approval
  • 2016 Australian TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration)
  • 2016: Health Canada approval (Chronic pain class III)
  • 2017: Singapore HSA (Health Science Authority) approval
    2017: CE marking (Chronic pain)
  • 2017: Turkey (Depression)
  • 2018: Mexican COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks) approval
  • 2019: Indonesia (Depression)

In 2017, we launched another brain stimulation treatment, Sooma Pain Therapy for chronic pain. Sooma Pain Treatment enables opiate-free pain relief for fibromyalgia and chronic neuropathic pain.

To date, more than 20,000 patients in more than 30 countries have found a relief with Sooma treatments.

Our customers

In Sooma we are proud to collaborate with more than 150 clinics, universities and hospitals all around the world, providing them with state-of-the-art neuromodulation devices used for research purposes and treatment of patients. 

Our team