Sooma tDCS therapy

A complete therapy solution using mild non-invasive brain stimulation to treat patients suffering from major depression or chronic pain.

Our solutions are built on three key features.

Please note that Sooma tDCS is sold only to medical professionals. If you are a patient wishing to receive tDCS treatment, please inquire your physician about the possibility.

Sooma tDCS™

  • Industry leading ease-of-use
  • Continuous contact monitoring and dose control
  • Current ramp-up and ramp-down

  • Sham-mode for double-blind operation

  • Approved for home healthcare use

Sooma tDCS™ is a class IIa medical device intended for treatment of Major Depressive Disorder and chronic pain conditions such as Fibromyalgia and chronic neuropathic pain. It is an effective and easy-to-use solution for healthcare professionals.

What sets Sooma tDCS™ apart is the full focus on function: Everything you need is under your fingertip while the rest is automated for your convenience. Advanced safety functions such as over-current protection and automated contact loss detection are always working in the background.

Sooma tDCS™ is an optimal tool for outcome studies. It supports double-blind condition and can be configured for multiple study protocols. Further, it ensures that every member of the study team perform stimulation in the same way. The system can be ordered with the desired protocol or the system can be delivered with a special tool that allows on-site configuration.

Sooma Online

Sooma Online is a software suite that allows you to remotely manage patients treatment schedule and monitor the treatment compliance. The software suite includes a mobile app for patients and a cloud-based portal for clinicians. These ensure that patients perform the treatment correctly and comply with their treatment schedule even when at home. For clinicians, it is now possible to monitor the patient’s treatment progress and to adjust the treatment schedule remotely if needed.

Benefits for medical professionals:

  • Ensures patient compliance

  • Monitor your patients’ treatment progress

  • Save time and money by reducing patient visits while still ensuring just as effective treatment!

Benefits for patients:

  • Treatment reminders make sure you take the treatment as per your doctor’s prescription

  • Step-by-step instructions for applying the treatment in case you need it

  • Log your well-being daily, see your progress

Sooma Comfort

Sooma Comfort is a family of stimulation accessories providing reproducible treatment sessions with unparalleled patient comfort. The family consists of a head cap, electrodes, and stimulation pads.

With Sooma Comfort, you are able to achieve

Faster preparation
Better contact

compared to traditional rubber electrodes and cellulose sponges.

Our users have saved hundreds of personnel hours by being able to prepare a stimulation session in 3 minutes.


ComfoCap places the electrodes to required positions with accuracy. Features an unique hydrophobic fabric that reduces the absorption of electrolyte. Provides firm pressure to the stimulation electrodes allowing the patient to move during the stimulation without compromising the electrode placement. It is also comfortable for longer stimulation sessions.

M0: Customisable placement. We can provide caps in your requested specifications, or you can mark the electrode locations in-house based on e.g. patients’ MRI.

M2: For Sooma Depression Therapy and a wide variety of research aiming to stimulate DLPFC-area from both sides. The electrode locations are at F3 and F4.

M3: For Sooma Pain Therapy and research needs requiring sensorimotor area stimulation. The anode is positioned either at C3 or C4 and the cathode at Fp2 or Fp1

All ComfoCaps are available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

ComfoTrode and ComfoPad

ComfoTrode is a stimulation electrode consisting of an electrode cup and a frame. ComfoPad is a proprietary stimulation pad, which forms a soft and uniform stimulation surface when soaked in saline solution. The pair forms a stimulation surface with industry-leading accuracy and patient comfort.

These connect to Sooma tDCS™ with ComfoLeads, which connect to electrode cups with a snap-on connector and to a stimulator device with a medical grade touch-proof connector.

Comfort features

  • Accurate electrode positioning, every time

Sooma Comfort accessories provide an intuitive way of positioning the stimulation electrodes. Snap the electrodes in place and put the cap on. Check that the cap is correctly placed and you are ready to start the session.

  • Improved skin-electrode contact

Improvements in skin-electrode contact directly improve the stimulation quality and comfort. The reduced sensation on the skin may also significantly improve the reliability of your placebo-controlled trials, especially in crossover settings.

  • Bridging protection

The ComfoTrode is designed to limit the spread of electrolyte from the electrode area, which is extremely hard to avoid using traditional stimulation accessories. This ensures that you are indeed stimulating the area you want during every stimulation session.

System specifications

  • Adjustable current up to 3 mA in increments of 0.1 mA

  • Adjustable application time up to 60 min in increments of 30 sec

  • Current ramp up / ramp down: 0.1 mA/s

  • Maximum output voltage: 18 V

  • Battery life: 100 hours. User replaceable.

  • Single-button session control

  • Compact size: 12 cm x 7.3 cm x 2.2 cm

  • Weight (incl. batteries): 0.2 kg

  • Touch-proof electrode connection in accordance with DIN 42802

  • Ingress protection: IP21