2nd International Brain Stimulation conference is fast approaching. The meeting starts on Monday 6th of March in Barcelona, Spain and runs until Wednesday the 8th. The conference program offers a comprehensive view of the brain stimulation today. We are sure to see high-quality presentations from world-class speakers.

If you have tDCS in focus, be sure to check out a talk by B. Fritsch from University Hospital Freiburg, Germany, about the effects of DCS on functional and structural plasticity on March 6, 16:00-16:30. Also remember to hear H. Knotkova from MJHS Institute for Innovation in Palliative Care, USA, review the evidence of tDCS for chronic pain syndromes on Wednesday, March 8, 17:30-18:00.

We are really excited not only because we might see the sun, but also because we have something new to show you. We have been developing Sooma Depression Treatment further in order to provide you with the best possible tools and your patients with best possible care. Like EPA secretary general Dr Julian Beezhold noted: Safely treating patients at home is of utmost importance.

Wish to do novel research? We will demonstrate how 3mA tDCS can be administered without uncomfortable sensations to the user. Come talk about your ideas!

While waiting for the conference to start, you can familiarise yourself with the history of Finnish chocolate or see what is happening meanwhile in Finland.

Notice for Sooma users:

You can update your Sooma tDCS device to the newest software version (2.8.1) at the conference. Bring your system along and we will update it while you attend presentations.