MD & Associate Professor Rechdi Ahdab

The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Associate Professor of Medicine, Rechdi Ahdab. 

Dr. Ahdab has been using tDCS for over 10 years, and currently he uses Sooma tDCS to treat patients with depression, fibromyalgia and migraines.

According to Dr. Ahdab,

“The results have been more than satisfying in most patients”

Occasionally, he treats other conditions, especially those with limited therapeutic options, and is currently designing randomized controlled trials to confirm the results he’s seen in treating various other conditions with tDCS.

As for recommending tDCS treatment to patients, Dr. Adhab says that

“Given its excellent safety profile, I do mention this therapeutic options to my patients” 

Dr. Ahdab also states that

“I have had an excellent experience with Sooma tDCS therapy specifically. The device is user friendly, easy to operate and reliable.”

Additionally, he has tried home-based Sooma tDCS therapy with several patients, and has in this regard had “excellent results”.


Quotes and testimonial by
Rechdi Ahdab MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Lebanese American University, Lebanon

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