MD & Psychiatrist Iiris Soinila

The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist Iiris Soinila.

Dr. Soinila has experience working with psychogeriatric patients. As for her experience with Sooma Depression Therapy, she says that the most noticeable difference in patients after receiving treatment is

alleviated depression and a clear improvement in daily functions”

According to Dr. Soinila, there have also been instances where patients have gotten in contact after the completion of the treatment period, to express their satisfaction with the treatment;

“They talk about how they have managed to go shopping and exercising outdoors, whereas before they could spend months inside in bed due to depression”

Dr. Soinila states that her team will continue to look for suitable patients to treat with Sooma Depression Therapy.


Quotes and testimonial by
Iiris Soinila
MD and Psychiatrist
Suursuo Hospital, Finland

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