MD & Chief psychiatrist Anu Kinnunen


The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Chief Psychiatrist Anu Kinnunen.

Dr. Kinnunen has been working at the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry and Neuromodulation service since 2016, and has been using Sooma tDCS to treat patients within the North Karelia hospital district (Siun Sote) in Finland. Her impression about tDCS therapies is as follows:

“We are very pleased to be able to offer a wide range of neuromodulation treatments to depressed patients in the Siun sote area. Safe and easy-to-use tDCS home care combined with an active therapy relationship provides an excellent way to enhance the treatment of depression even for our patients who live far away from the hospital services.

Dr. Kinnunen also regards Sooma tDCS as a tool for giving a timely answer to the increasing pressure on the mental healthcare services of her district:

“We also hope it will alleviate the queuing situation for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), as tDCS therapy may be offered to some patients while in the queue, and some patients in need of rTMS maintenance therapy will be referred to tDCS therapy.”

So far, the treatments received by her patients have produced positive responses:

“in our experience, tDCS has also enhanced the recovery of the hospitalized depressed patients – and if the patient has benefited from tDCS treatment, the treatment initiated in the hospital has been continued at home after discharge.”

And for the most noticeable differences observed in patients during and after Sooma tDCS therapy, Dr. Kinnuen states that

“…the patients are generally satisfied with tDCS treatment: They have been more energetic, and their night’s sleep has improved.”

Finally, Dr. Kinnunen says that

“The side effects have been minor, mainly mild headaches. In only a few cases has treatment been discontinued during the treatment period.” 


Quotes and testimonial by
Anu Kinnunen
MD and Chief Psychiatrist
Siun Sote (North Karelia hospital district), Finland

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