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Brain stimulation is a conference which brings together people from all around the world to discuss how the brain works and how that knowledge can be translated into new ways to treat disease.

We attended the first conference in Singapore 2014, and are extremely glad to return for the second installation. We anticipate high-class scientific presentations and hope for fruitful debates and discussions.  Please come to learn more about Sooma Depression Treatment.

The conference program runs from Monday 6th of March to Wednesday 8th of March. Learn more about the conference at http://www.brainstimconference.com/

Neuromodec will organise a tDCS workshop on Saturday 4th, just before the start of the conference program. This is an excellent way to get yourself acquainted with science and clinical implementation of tDCS. You can register for the workshop here: https://neuromodec.com/event/barcelona-tdcs-workshop-2017/