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On behalf of NACT I have the pleasure of inviting you to the next ERFA Conference, perhaps our most exciting conference ever! This time in beautiful Tampere, Finland. We start with an overview and update of the latest progress in ECT from one of the foremost researchers of our time, Colleen Loo from Australia, and continue in the same spirit. Professor Chris Freeman from the UK will provide us with the essentials of what has been shown to important in ECT service, and we will get insights in the latest research on the mechanisms of action of this powerful treatment of severe psychiatric illness by dr Chittaranjan Andrade, India, and Swedish researcher Mikael Tiger. Dr Andrade will also present exciting new research findings about ECT in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder that provide new and challenging possibilities for this treatment. Dr Keith Rasmussen will discuss one of the most important aspects of ECT – preventing relapse. At this conference you will also get the opportunity to learn about the alternative brain stimulation techniques that are being developed, presented by Colleen Loo and Finish researcher Tero Taiminen. As you all probably know, ECT was developed in Rome, with the first treatment given by professor Ugo Cerletti in 1938, so what would be more natural than having professor Giuseppe Bersani from Rome give you the perspectives from where it all started, and invite you all to our next conference, celebrating 80 years of treatment of the most severe mental disorders.