Enabling effective home-based tDCS with remote monitoring

With Sooma’s new software suite, a mobile app for patients and an internet portal for clinicians, effective home-based tDCS-treatment is finally possible. The app ensures that patients perform the treatment correctly and comply with their treatment schedule and clinicians can monitor patient progress remotely using the browser-based Sooma Professionals’ Center.

Sooma tDCS delivery kit

Benefits for medical professionals:

  • Enables home-based, self-administered tDCS. Only the first session is done at your clinic.

  • Ensures patient compliance

  • Monitor your patients’ treatment progress

  • Save time and money by reducing patient visits while still ensuring just as effective treatment!

Benefits for patients:

  • Save time – one tDCS session instead of 10-15 are done at the clinic

  • Take the treatments according to your schedule, whenever works best for you.

  • Treatment reminders make sure you take the treatment as per your doctor’s prescription

  • Step-by-step instructions for applying the treatment in case you need it

  • Log your well-being daily, identify trends and quantify your treatment progress

The software suite is for now included at no extra cost when you purchase a Sooma tDCS™ device. Users already using Sooma tDCS™ should contact Sooma to get access to and learn how to start using the software suite.

Please note that Sooma tDCS is sold only to medical professionals. If you are a patient wishing to receive tDCS treatment, please inquire your physician about the possibility

How it works

Step 1: Create an account at the web portal

Step 2: Ask your patient to install the app and create an account. This can be done during the patient’s first visit to the clinic, where the clinician instructs the patient how to use the Sooma tDCS device and the first treatment session is conducted.

Step 3: Connect to the patient through the web portal

You are now all set up to manage and monitor your patient remotely!


Create a treatment schedule and monitor your patient’s progress using Mood, Activity, Sleep, and Appetite, Step Count, and other wellbeing variables you want to measure.

You can choose to use the portal using any workflow that suits you. For example, you can get into a routine of checking all your patients in the portal in 15 minutes twice a week.

If needed, you may decide to contact the patient (for example if they seem to be in remission) or change the patient’s treatment schedule (for example if they seem to need another week to gain the full benefits of the treatment)

Over time you will be able to gather data that you can use to further optimise and improve things like patient and treatment protocol selection


See on which days a treatment is planned, get reminder notifications on treatment days, and monitor your treatment progress yourself by looking at how your wellbeing parameters are trending.

See it in action!

More videos, including tutorials for using the mobile app and the web portal are available here.


Sooma Depression Therapy Pro app

  • Easy-to-follow treatment instructions in video, image, and text formats.

  • Treatment reminders (set up your preferred time)

  • Track your treatment progress (mood, activity, sleep, appetite) on VAS-scales, and add custom text notes.

  • Monitor your treatment progress with easy-to-understand charts

  • Set up your treatment schedule yourself, or have your clinician set it up for you.

  • Powerful yet intuitive treatment schedule creator if you set it up yourself.

  • Automatic step count functionality. Improved step count indicates alleviated depression symptoms.

  • Your clinician can monitor your treatment progress remotely to make sure it stays on track and, if needed, make changes to your treatment schedule or contact you.

  • Your data remains safe and private. Only clinicians you have allowed to review your logged data will be able to view it.

  • Available for Android here

Sooma Professionals’ Center portal

  • Connect with an unlimited number of patients undergoing home-based tDCS treatment

  • Create, change, and view your patients’ treatment schedules

  • Automatic and fast two-way sync with your patients’ app accounts.

  • Monitor your patient’s treatment progress through intuitive charts for Mood, Sleep, Activity, and Appetite (based on the patients’ subjective rating on VAS-scales)

  • Monitor your patient’s daily step count

  • See details about each logged patient record, including text notes.

  • Browser-based: available anywhere (phone, desktop, tablet)

  • NOW AVAILABLE: Customisable parameters: add, remove, and change what parameters you want your patients to rate (e.g. add “Fatigue” or “Pain”)

  • NOW AVAILABLE: Add annotations, for example if a change in adjunct medication happens.


The safety of home-based, self-administered treatment with Sooma tDCS has been confirmed in clinical studies (Hyvärinen 2016).

The first session should always be done under the supervision of a clinician. During this session, the patient’s ability to perform self-administered stimulation is assessed. After the first session, the treatment device is lent to the patient for the acute treatment phase. The Sooma Depression Therapy Pro app contains step-by-step instructions so the patient can ensure that they are using the device correctly.

The device can also be set to lock itself from further use after a set amount of treatments to prevent overuse.