Sooma tDCS Self-administration & Home-use

Sooma Depression Therapy and Sooma Pain Therapy, conducted with the Sooma tDCS device, are so easy and convenient that you, as a patient, can self-administer the treatment by yourself at home.


But how does it work?

Keep reading to find out!

Sooma Software suite: mobile application for mood recoding
Install the Sooma Patient App

The treatment starts with you installing Sooma’s Patient App in your mobile device. Your doctor will create an account for you which you can access, and send you a request to connect with you.

Thereafter, your doctor will set up an individualised treatment plan for you based on your needs. You will see your treatment plan and instructions left by your doctor in the Patient App.


The first treatment session

The first treatment session is conducted under the supervision of your doctor at the clinic.


Patient and doctor at clinic

Your doctor will show you how to prepare and administer the treatment yourself by guiding you through the steps and answering any questions that you might have about the administration of the treatment.


Sooma Mobile Case
Start home-use

After the first treatment session, your doctor will lend you the Sooma tDCS device and accessories. You take them home with you, storing the device and the accessories safely in the Sooma Mobile Case while you transport them home from the clinic as well as in-between your treatment sessions.

For the following weeks you self-administer the treatment yourself daily at home. For how many weeks depends on your individual treatment plan, set up by your doctor and visible through your account in the Sooma Patient App. Normally, treatment lasts 3 weeks for depression therapy and 2 weeks for pain therapy. However, always follow the treatment plan and instructions given by your doctor as they have been designed after your individual needs.

During the treatment session you can take part in various light activities, such as reading, watching TV, cooking, or going for a walk.

Patient watching TV during treatment


The Sooma head cap makes sure that the electrodes are kept firmly in the right place even if you move around.

Sooma tDCS device


Meanwhile, the Sooma tDCS device is easy to operate. It only has a power switch, to power up the device, and a start button, to start the treatment session.

Before the treatment can be started, the device measures whether the contact between the electrodes and the scalp is good enough. The treatment starts only when there is sufficient contact. The device turns itself off after completing a treatment session. 

Your doctor follows your progress

After each session, you log your daily mood, well-being, and other parameters set by your doctor, in the Sooma Patient App. Your doctor can access this data through our internet portal, and monitors your progress during the entire course of treatment to make sure that everything is going smoothly.


Clinician monitoring patient progress through software

Your doctor might make changes to the treatment plan at any time during the course of treatment. You will receive a notification to your mobile device and be able to view the changes and follow the new, updated plan.

Patient returning Sooma tDCS device
Finishing the treatment

At the end of the treatment course, when you have completed each session in the treatment plan, you go visit the clinic again to conduct the last treatment session and meet with your doctor. Your doctor reviews your progress and decides whether you need further treatment.

When no further treatment is required,  you return the Sooma tDCS device and all the reusable accessories to your doctor.


Sooma tDCS home-use is an easy, convenient, and safe treatment option. You, as the patient, self-administer all but the first and last treatment sessions at home, and only need to visit a clinic twice. Your doctor is able to monitor your progress and stay in contact with you throughout the entire treatment, and makes sure that everything is going smoothly. 

Finally, take a look at this animated video illustrating the Sooma tDCS home-based treatment: