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Testimonial #1

The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Senior Psychiatrist Margus Lõokene.

Dr. Lõokene has been working as a senior psychiatrist since 2010, and has been regularly using Sooma tDCS to treat patients with mood disorders since autumn 2016. His general opinion of tDCS is as follows:

“I now see tDCS as an effective and safe treatment option in psychiatry and am more than convinced that there’s a great future for this method”

So far, Dr. Lõokene has been using Sooma tDCS for clinical purposes, mainly for mood disorders, but also for anxiety and ADHD. As for the effects, he states that

“We have seen various outcomes on efficacy since we started to use tDCS in our clinic, but overall the results have been good”

And for the most noticeable differences observed in patients during and after Sooma tDCS therapy, Dr. Lõokene states that

“…the first thing we notice is the reduced anxiety […] later on patients get more emotional, active and after treatment we often get feedback from patients that they are functioning better in every day life, including work and social activities”

Finally, Dr Lõokene says that he

“…surely would recommend tDCS to patients” 

and that in practice, he does so often. In his option, tDCS as a treatment option is effective, very safe and well tolerated with no serious adverse effects.

– Quotes and testimonial by
Margus Lõokene
MD and senior psychiatrist
North Estonia Medical Centre, Estonia


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Testimonial #2

The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Associate Professor of Medicine, Rechdi Ahdab. 

Dr. Ahdab has been using tDCS for over 10 years, and currently he uses Sooma tDCS to treat patients with depression, fibromyalgia and migraines.

According to Dr. Ahdab,

“The results have been more than satisfying in most patients”

Occasionally, he treats other conditions, especially those with limited therapeutic options, and is currently designing randomized controlled trials to confirm the results he’s seen in treating various other conditions with tDCS.

As for recommending tDCS treatment to patients, Dr. Adhab says that

“Given its excellent safety profile, I do mention this therapeutic options to my patients” 

Dr. Ahdab also states that

“I have had an excellent experience with Sooma tDCS therapy specifically. The device is user friendly, easy to operate and reliable.”

Additionally, he has tried home-based Sooma tDCS therapy with several patients, and has in this regard had “excellent results”.

– Quotes and testimonial by
Rechdi Ahdab MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Lebanese American University, Lebanon



Testimonial #3

The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist Kaija Järventausta.

Dr. Järventausta has treated patients with tDCS at her private practice and has years of experience with Sooma tDCS specifically.

She has been using Sooma tDCS to treat depression, and states that

“Results have been good”

Dr. Järventausta also says that she would recommend Sooma tDCS depression therapy to patients, due to the lack of any or any severe side effects, and because

“The treatment can speed up the response of pharmaceutical treatments and help with anxiety symptoms present alongside depression” 

She also states that the treatment is suitable for patients who are unable to tolerate medication. She does however also state that the treatment is not effective enough for patients with severe depressive symptoms, or patients with psychotic depression.

According to Dr. Järventausta, the most noticeable differences observed in her patients during and after treatment with Sooma tDCS is alleviated depression, and that the patients are able to go back to work or studies and live a normal life.

– Quotes and testimonial by
Kaija Järventausta
MD, PhD and psychiatrist

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Testimonial #4

The following testimonial was given by Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist Iiris Soinila.

Dr. Soinila has experience working with psychogeriatric patients. As for her experience with Sooma Depression Therapy, she says that the most noticeable difference in patients after receiving treatment is

alleviated depression and a clear improvement in daily functions”

According to Dr. Soinila, there have also been instances where patients have gotten in contact after the completion of the treatment period, to express their satisfaction with the treatment;

“They talk about how they have managed to go shopping and exercising outdoors, whereas before they could spend months inside in bed due to depression”

Dr. Soinila states that her team will continue to look for suitable patients to treat with Sooma Depression Therapy.

– Quotes and testimonial by
Iiris Soinila
MD and Psychiatrist
Suursuo Hospital, Finland


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